Science and Technology

Science and Technology
The students conducted experiments that encouraged practice of careful prediction and of descriptive observations before, during, and after an experiment is conducted.  Their experiment compared living and non-living substances and how they responsed to a liquid in The Apple Juice Test.  They have also learned details in Cell Theory, and learned the parts of the microscopes and procedures for preparing microscopic slides for our first lab work in the week ahead.  They completed a short 2-3 paragraph essay from notes on The Wacky History of Cell Theory, linking our upcoming use of microscopes with Cell Theory and the characteristics of living things.  If you would like to view it, the video can be found at: .

Thank you for returning all Technology and Extracurricular permission forms.  Our work in the Technology Lab will begin for science, spelling, vocabulary, writing and reading exercises in the immediate days ahead. Personal technology use is also permitted for educational purposes: every student contributed verbally to effectively make a case to Principal McCrea regarding use of technology in the classroom.  The students worked with the majority class opinion to  synthesize their persuasive essays on that topic.  They have been cooperatively applying their essays and presentation outcome to partner work in which they charted whole class ideas on uses of personal technology at school, the challenges regarding its use, and plans to overcome them.

There are, once again, plans for use of laptops in the Technology Lab (one per student) that allow each student to have access to the same laptop in each subsequent class for ease of use.  Thus, personal computers are not required at BSLS.  However, if a student has parental permission, and has cleared the bringing of their personal computer/tablet with the teacher in advance of using it in the classroom, then their use will be allowed as long as all responsibility for care and use are assumed by the owner of the device.  If parents would prefer that personal computers and laptops not be brought to school, the current policy and availability of school-owned technology supports that decision.  To ensure due diligence regarding privacy and safety, students are not allowed to use personal devices to take photos or videos while at school, but school tablets and cameras can be used for projects as needed.  We also carefully follow the school rule that communication be carried out through the school office, rather than texting during the school day.  We are so appreciative of your parental support of that policy. If you need to reach your child at any time, just call 204-984-9600 x.5.

School e-mail addresses are being established to allow for electronic hand-ins of student assignments directly to the teacher.  At this stage, students are allowed their phones or personal music players for quiet work times, and have already demonstrated excellent judgment in choosing music appropriate for at school.  They have demonstrated focus and diligence in completing early assignments, and have been very respectful about the removal of headphones during transitions and lessons at specifically permitted times of the school day.  They have been excellent role models for the younger students in our school, consenting to reserve their technology use for educational purposes during class times only.  Media safety has been introduced briefly, and will be further addressed in both Health and ELA classes this year.

Running Club will be starting on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the lunch hour.  See Mr. Wozney's blog at  Friday, September 29th, the students, staff, and any volunteers are participating in the Terry Fox Walk to support cancer treatment, research and outreach.  The students will be shown a brief video at 2:15, will proceed to a walking route in the neighbourhood and will return to the school for 3:16 dismissal.

The students have been divided into two groups for their French Field Trip to La Croissant  this week.  Students who are in the Wednesday group will go directly to Shops at Nelson MacIntyre once dismissed by Mme. Christensen.  

If you ever have any questions or concerns about the personal technology policy, I would welcome opportunities to talk with you.  Also, if you ever have questions about your child's learning, any concerns about how he/she can improve at school, I would be very happy to meet with you.

Have a wonderful week,
Mrs. Butterfield


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