Novel Approaches to Novels

The students made a wonderful impression on substitute teacher Mr. Kahn last Thursday when I was away from class at the Ministry of Education for a half-day seminar.  On that day the students began their work on our first novel study of the year:  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  This is a beginning opportunity for students to log time spent reading each day, and to introduce our Boston Pizza Reading program. 

Students are responding to the novel with comprehension questions and creative opportunities to share impressions and ideas about the book.  Our culminating activity at the end of the novel will be the viewing of the Disney film production of the book.  Some students have seen it previously, but we all look forward to a first private showing of the theatrical production after the new year.

In Science the students have been expanding their knowledge of cells, and will be working on their first independent project this week:  creating a three-dimensional model of a plant or an animal cell.  The students will also begin preparing for their first science quiz on cells.

The students are invited to share personal stories or news stories each morning, and are encouraged to bring in articles to relate to daily prayers, journal reflections, and class discussion.


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